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  • Pint & Dale Home Page
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    The Nautical Recordings:

  • Set of the Sail
    Set of the Sail Page
    Set of the Sail Lyrics
    Set of the Sail Notes
    Set of the Sail Reviews
    Seven Seas
  • Seven Seas Page
  • Seven Seas Lyrics
  • Seven Seas Notes
  • Seven Seas Reviews
  • White Horses
  • White Horses Page
  • White Horses Lyrics
  • White Horses Notes
  • White Horses Reviews
  • Round the Corner
  • Round the Corner Page
  • Round the Corner Lyrics
  • Round the Corner Notes
  • Round the Corner Reviews
  • Hearts of Gold
  • Hearts of Gold Page
  • Hearts of Gold Lyrics
  • Hearts of Gold Notes
  • Hearts of Gold Reviews
  • Making Waves
  • Making Waves Page
  • Making Waves Lyrics
  • Making Waves Notes
  • Making Waves Reviews
  • Port of Dreams
  • Port of Dreams Page
  • Port of Dreams Lyrics
  • Port of Dreams Notes
  • Port of Dreams Reviews
  • Change of Fortune
  • Change of Fortune Page
  • Change of Fortune Lyrics
  • Change of Fortune Notes

    Non-Nautical Recordings:

  • Hartwell Horn
  • Hartwell Horn Page
  • Hartwell Horn Lyrics
  • Hartwell Horn Program Notes
  • Hartwell Horn Reviews
  • When I See Winter Return
  • When I See Winter Return Page
  • When I See Winter Return Lyrics
  • When I See Winter Return Notes
  • When I See Winter Return Reviews

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