William Pint & Felicia Dale

Celebrating the ocean in song

Blue Divide (2013)

William Pint Felicia Dale

Dan Mohler T.J. Morris Jay Kenney

Blue Divide


Whiskey is the Life of Man (traditional)

This quintessential sea chanty focuses on one of Jack Tar’s favorite topics (right up there with women)

We've culled together lyrics from several versions and massaged the tune a bit.

The Brigantine (Janie Meneely)

Old salts have often related supernatural experiences on the sea. Janie Meneely wrote this imagining a homeward bound crew spotting something in the distance that raises the hackles.

Shanghai Passage (words: C. Fox Smith music: Pint & Dale)

The 19th Century ‘enhanced recruiting technique’ struck fear into sailors and landsmen alike -- anyone could fall prey to characters like ‘Shanghai’ Brown who supplied crew members for any captain paying the price. Unsuspecting innocents would wake up aboard a ship outward bound for China and not see home again for years.

Rolling Down the Bay to Julianna/Windy Weather (traditional / Pint & Dale)

This simple hauling shanty leads us into a version of Haul Away, Boys, Haul Away.  Singing the praises of the wind that propels the ships to new ports of call, new opportunities, new friends.

High Ground (Brian Bedford)

Not strictly a ‘nautical song’ this invokes images of the seaside communities devastated by wind, rain and the dreaded tsunami .

Mother Carey/The Anchor Song (John Masefield/ Rudyard Kipling)

Kipling’s mention of Mother Carey led us to John Masefield’s chilling poem about Davy Jones’ deadly mate. We use it to lead into a version of The Anchor Song using the late Peter Bellamy’s melody.

Lowlands (traditional)

We mix the tune Tam Linn into this reworking of another traditional sea chanty. The Lowlands mentioned, of course, are the Netherlands which turn up in many a traditional song dating back to England’s wars of the 17th and 18th centuries.

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All titles traditional except where noted.

Copyright © 2013

William Pint & Felicia Dale

All Rights Reserved


Whiskey is the Life of Man

The Brigantine

Shanghai Passage


Mother Carey

The Anchor Song

High Ground

Rolling Down the Bay to Julianna

Windy Weather


Felicia Dale: hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, whistle, vocals

William Pint: guitar, octave mandolin, vocals

Dan Mohler: bass guitars, background vocals

T.J. Morris: drums, background vocals

Jay Kenney: keyboards, special effects, background vocals

Patrick Strole: electric guitar, percussion

Tania Opland: fiddle, background vocals

Sue Tinney: harmony vocals

Produced by Patrick Strole

Engineered and recorded by Jay Kenney, Audio Logic Studios, Seattle

Mastered by John McCaig, panicStudios

Special thanks to Chris Bingham of The Bone Poets Orchestra for the loan of his band mates.

This album is dedicated with love to the memory of Felicia’s mother, Annette Brigham.

Full band arrangements of traditional and modern songs of the sea

“...Personally speaking I can’t recommend the CD highly enough even if you’re a land-lubber!”

(UK folk magazine journalist)